Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween part 2

halloween is a big event in our neighborhood. we probably get about 250 trick or treaters, and all night long cars roll up and kids pile out to hit all of our houses. maybe it's because there's good candy to be had. maybe because our houses are so close together. who knows. either way, you can't miss out. greta was determined to get in on the action, just like she did last year. we dressed her up in her lederhosen and went over to our neighbors' house. emily and patrick have a little boy, tom, who is just a few weeks younger than greta. we ordered pizza, passed out candy, and hung out while greta and tom motored around the front yard. it was a fun night. and greta looking so cute and so german in her costume made it even more fun. she even left her alpine hat on long enough for pictures, and she kept her pigtails in all night!!

happy halloween!

greta was a skeleton during the day on halloween. we taught her

how to say, "boo!" (which comes out sounding like "bbbhhh") and went over to the nawroth's to give ella a scare.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


we took greta to the allergist to have her tested to see if she is indeed allergic to dairy and eggs. you may remember that we discovered her dairy allergy when she was just a month or so old, and the egg allergy showed up when her mommy lovingly scrambled her some eggs just a few months ago.

the picture is from the skin patch test done at the allergists. (isn't the picture just sad and pathetic?? it makes me want to cry when i look at it). the two dots on the left side of greta's back are the "controls", which tell the allergist how her skin does and does not react to an allergen.

the three on her right side are dairy, egg yolk and egg white (in that order). see if you can tell what she is NOT allergic to anymore.
you guessed it.....she is no longer allergic to dairy but she is pretty severely allergic to eggs (a 4+ on a scale of 1-4). these means that obviously eggs are off limits and that we will have her tested again for eggs around age 2. as far as dairy goes, she may still have an intolerance to dairy (like her mommy), so we are to start out introducing dairy very slowly to her and see how her body reacts. so no graeter's black raspberry chip quite yet....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

pumpkin patch

we took greta to Iron's Fruit Farm to pick a pumpkin, and it turned out to be a perfect day. the weather was perfect...a clear, cool fall day. joe thought we should get there right when the farm opened to avoid crowds, and boy was he right. our hayride out to the fields carried only us and one other family. by the time we left there was a line probably 30 minutes long for the ride. greta loves being outside anyway, but she really enjoyed the farm. all she wanted to do was walk around on her own and touch the dirt and try to pick up every pumpkin she saw. walking through a pumpkin patch when you've only been walking for about a month is not an easy task. but she loved it. we saw some animals, had a hayride, picked a pumpkin, and most importantly, had some spice donuts. yum....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greta Has a Message She'd Like to Share


The new addition is set to arrive on May 1st, 2009.  

Keeping Hope Alive

The race is on...what will happen first... 

1)  The Bengals get their first win of the year, 
2)  I successfully teach Greta to say 'Who Dey'.  

So far the Bengals look like they don't even know how to spell football.  

As for Greta, I can get her to point to a Bengal head when I say "where is the Bengal".  Next step is to get her to respond "Who Dey" when I say "What does the Bengal say".... 

Place your bets.  


Friday, October 17, 2008

Greta's Visit to the Castle

Greta made her first visit to Johnny's Castle to the Birthday Club castle.. it wasn't that exciting for her, but I think she'll enjoy it in the next couple of years.  She went in and be-lined for a stuffed dog... which happened to be a scooby-doo.  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

to our one year old

to the birthday girl....

i looked at the clock today at exactly 3:33pm (i swear) and remembered that time exactly one year ago. we have never felt so blessed as that moment that we saw your shock of dark hair and heard your cries and saw our little "mary lou" for the first time. fast forward a year later and you are this little "person". that shock of hair has turned the most beautiful shade of auburn, and your cries pierce our hearts in just the same way. you have grown and changed into the most amazing baby. when you let me hold you and rock you before bed i start to cry almost every night, looking down at your sweet face and those big blue eyes and i wonder how we got so lucky.

when we put you to bed now, you give hugs and "pats" and kisses before waving good night and pointing to your bed to let us know that snuggle time is over and you'd like to get to sleep. when you get laughing you often get the hiccups. you laugh the hardest when papa is "getting you" or giving you "hiney squeezers" or when you think we are chasing you, or when mommy dances around while papa holds you. this makes you laugh so hard it sounds like you are crying.....all squealy and giggly and just hilarious.

you are walking everywhere now, and you are always exploring each and every room of our house. but even if you leave the room, if we say, "where's greta?" you still yell out your version of, "here i am!" and come back to surprise us. in addition to saying your first word (nana for banana) and mom and dada, you also have said doggie, tree, baby, hi, and night night. you like to make animal noises and have your versions of what a doggy says, a monkey, a kitty cat, and a horse.

you love to eat, especially oatmeal for breakfast and meat any time of day. you don't like your veggies so much, and will either spit them out or toss them off the side of your highchair or both. you drink soymilk like it's your job.

lately instead of wanting to look at books by yourself, you like to carry books over to mommy or daddy and have them read to you. your favorite books right now are probably either that baby words book or "who's at the door?", or maybe pat the cat. you like to pretend to smell flowers in every book you see.

you have learned the sign for "up" and are working on the signs for gentle, drink, and book. you know what we mean when we say that we are going to go outside or go for a walk. it continues to amaze us how much you understand. like when it's time for mommy to nurse you, you will go over and point at the boppy pillow. speaking of that, you are down to one nursing session a day. although mommy is sad that this time with you will soon be over, you have transitioned through it without missing a beat.

i don't think i can convey in this letter what a neat little person we think you are. we just watch you constantly, marveling in what you can do and say. thank you for letting us share this first year of life with you. i still am amazing (as silly as this sounds) that i get to be your mommy for always.

Greta's Birthday

Holy Cow... somehow Greta is a year old already.  

Today was her birthday party, and it was lots of fun.  Greta had all her family there... grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and others.  She got lots of toys, clothes, books and the other usual fare.    The day started out with Greta sporting her final 'first year onsie'.  

As the guests starting arrivng you can see Greta playing with her usual toys... you can see her straining her neck to say, who are these boys taking over my play area!  Notice Roman with his new shaved head haircut... 

First up was opening presents.  I don't think Greta totally understand that all the presents and new 'stuff' was for her.  This was her basic reaction to all of it... she never did cry, but she had her pre-cry face on for a solid hour :) 

Cake time was next... You can see she ate a bit of it, but she definitely didn't dig in... she's a very dainty gal!  

Since she has egg and dairy allergies she had cake, but it was a homemade, non-dairy, non-egg cake.  It's not actually too bad, but it's also not the best.  She didn't dislike the taste, really just was not interested in cake in general.  She did have some Graeter's Lemon Sorbet (which is non-dairy), and liked that.  

Far and away her favorite gift so far is the Curious George stuffed monkey.  She carried him around, laughing and saying hi to him every so often.  This went on for a solid hour, then it was time for bed, I guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow.  

All in all she was a trooper, and stayed up well past her nap time without too much of a fuss.  Next year will be a whole different story, when she'll understand better what's going on... heck, Christmas will probably be a bit different as well, just a couple months older.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Drummer Girl

Greta has some skills... maybe a drumset for her 1st birthday is in order?  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

walk the line

it's official...our girl is walking. it's so hard to say when exactly she went from 'taking steps' to 'walking", but she is definitely walking. she has been cruising and taking steps for some time now, but over the last week or so she started walking. today was the first day that when she would stumble, instead of just crawling she would stand back up and walk again. here are two short videos that we took this morning. these don't really do all of her hard work justice. she can walk across the room....tonight at joe's parents she walked from the dining room, across the kitchen and into the family room. it is so amazing to see her. WALKING. and i would have to say that unlike her somewhat slow crawling skills, her walking is pretty darn fast. i imagine that soon i won't be able to keep up with her. and i imagine that that is what she is thinking too......

on a side note, notice the drumsticks she is carrying. two in one hand, like always.

Friday, October 3, 2008


gavin came over for a playdate on friday. we had lots of fun playing, napping, eating, and clapping (check out the video for evidence of clapping on cue). thanks gavin for a fun day....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i love "real" food

greta has been eating more and more real food these days. bits and pieces of what we are eating for dinner (versus something that was pureed by either me or some baby food company). she loves it. here she is eating pieces of the beef barley soup i made. emphasis on the beef. this girl is no vegetarian.....

the key to the castle

greta's key to the castle at Johnny's Toys arrived today. here she is pondering what fantastic goodies await her behind that locked door. if you grew up here, do you remember the AWESOMENESS that was getting this same exact postcard in the mail? the AWESOMENESS that was "unlocking" the door and seeing all those gifts that you could chose from? so AWESOME. greta has no idea.....