Monday, July 30, 2007

cross another one off the list

i've been keeping a mental list of all the friends and family who are pregnant at the same time as us. it's a pretty long list, let me tell you. and each time someone has their baby, i think i mentally draw a line through their names and look to see who is next on the list. i don't draw a line to cross them off the list like you would a task on a to-do list, but more as an excitement for them and for the person next on the list. of course, my name is at the bottom. and each time someone above me has their baby, it gets one person closer to when it's my turn.

so, joe and i visited our friends jesse and holly in chicago this weekend. they had their baby, a BEAUTIFULLY HANDSOME little guy named owen. owen was born last week, and it was amazing to see jesse and holly with their son. but i'll admit that while i was enjoying our visit, i mentally realized that i moved up a notch on my list. which is exciting....and ridiculously scary too. i am going to be someone's mom. forever. and i have to deliver that someone....even scarier.

but thankfully, people like jesse and holly make it seem not quite so scary. and they make the possibilities of having a child even more exciting than they already are. it was so amazing to see them with hear them talk about his arrival and to see them caring for him and loving him. seeing them (and the rest of you who have bravely gone into parenthood before us) as parents gets me super excited to be a parent myself.....which is good, because the list is definitely getting shorter!!!

slowing down....

it's official. i've started to slow down a bit. i've always been a person who moves at warp speed. in college, the group of guys who lived in the apartment below us used to say that they could tell which one of us girls was home because of the way it sounded when we walked. i guess i sounded like a pack of elephants RUNNING through the apartment. always moving quickly, with a purpose. i definitely still move with a purpose, but at a slower pace these days.

joe looked at me last week and asked me if i was slowing down. i think it was the heavy sigh when i lifted myself off the bed that gave it away. i have been SO lucky with how i have felt during this pregnancy, so i guess i should feel blessed that i am only now beginning to feel it. and it makes sense....i AM carrying another person around all the time. its like a permanent piggyback, except on the front and with a very, very small person. but still. in chicago this weekend, i sat down every chance i could. we were walking around millenium park and i keep stopping and needing to take a break.

so, if you see me out and i seem like i'm moving a little slower, it's because i am. and i am definitely using it to my advantage. this might be the only time in my life where i ask joe to go to the kitchen and get me a bottle of water, a glass of chocolate milk, and my prenatal vitamin and does. i think he just knows how long it would take me.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cribs, Car Seats and Carriers - Oh My

So it's baby shower season... lots of that coming up, and thankfully I won't be attending any. I mean, I think it's awesome that people are having showers, and I'm completely thankful for any and all gifts we get. However, I am not personally interested in guessing the circumference of Melanie's belly, or guessing the melted candy bar in a diaper... I'll play golf instead.

The registry process has been quite interesting though... I know pretty much everything there is to know about Car Seats, Baby Carriers, Strollers, and Cribs... go on quiz me... I can tell you the difference between a stroller and a stroller 'system'. I can let you know the inside scoop on the Infant Car Seat vs the Convertible Car seat... and if you really need to know I'll give you the low down on the manual vs electric breast pump (we can even get into the single vs double if the need should arise).

Ah yes, such is life in babydom. Didn't think it would be possible, but I think I'd rather be changing diapers to be honest....