Friday, May 29, 2009

Visit to Jackson's

Jackson invited Ella, Greta and Otto over to play, and the parents came along... check out the pictures... good fun in the pool and with Jackson's toys...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Bath for Otto

Bath time...

otto's favorite activity

dress up

mama's dress, papa's hat, and her own recorder. "so pretty" as greta would say.

water table

greta had so much fun with the water table at grandma and grandpa's we decided to get one of our own. here are greta (and joe) enjoying their new toy.

big sister

greta continues to enjoy having otto around. she likes to be near him, whether it's climbing into the chair next to him or laying next to him on the floor. lately she has been asking to hold him, and you can see her "holding" him in the picture with joe. she is very curious about him and often will sit and look at him for a while. so far he really seems to be bringing out her gentle nature.

Monday, May 18, 2009


cute video of ella and greta, taken 2 days before otto was born. janet and i were laughing that these girls are probably going to love each other like sisters and fight like sisters as well...

rocky balboa in his sleep


Saturday, May 16, 2009

more visitors

on saturday my mom, sister in law jessica, and nephews roman and shamus came down to visit greta and otto. it was a whirlwind visit. roman, shamus, and greta played with every toy they could find while otto ate, slept, and met his cousins. i'm sure he was taking notes from the buckley boys on how to terrorize his sister in a few years.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Greta and Ellie

We went up to my parents today... mostly so that my sister and nieces and nephews could meet Otto.  I didn't get any pictures of that, but did get some photos/video of Ellie and Greta playing together.  

There is going to be years of mischief coming from these two... here is the first glimpse... I'm pretty sure Ellie is doing the Thriller dance... 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clean Pants

Well, Greta has picked up on one thing about Otto... he needs clean pants all the time.... and just to be sure that he's ready, she helped him out this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

to our 19 month old big sister

i have been trying to think about all the things you have been doing this past month as you crept towards being 19 months old. but our days lately have been so blessed with what a amazing big sister you are that i think that is all i might be able to reflect on this month. sure, you are talking in sentences, answering questions with things like "sure" and "okay mama", and initiating conversations. and yeah, you love to play outside and will say "outside?" and then stand by the front door begging to go play. and you still love the same books and are singing lots of songs and doing pretty well with drinking from a cup without a lid.
but all of that pales to how amazing you have been with otto. when you came to visit him in the hospital, you were definitely more interested in checking out the perks of the hospital room than your brother. and you had a cautious look on your face the whole time. but since we have been home, you are very interested in where otto is and what he is doing at all times. you will say his name over and over again, questioning his whereabouts. when he makes any sort of whimper or cry or sneeze you are curious about it. you like to give him kisses and "big hugs" and you like to pat him on the head. you also like to bring him things, like diapers or toys or some of your pretend food. in the car today you held out your "piggy" toy to show him. there have been a couple of times where you have told him to "move" when mama was holding him, but you have been so understanding and patient. way more so than i ever thought a 19 month old could be.
you have this gentle nature about you and your papa and i just keep looking at each other in awe over how you have handled this change in our lives. i am sure there will be rough patches, but what a gift you are to us. what a gift you are to otto. he is blessed and we are blessed.

to the papa....

there's nothing like seeing the man you married with the children you've created to remind you exactly why you married them in the first place. greta, otto and i are so very very lucky.

Otto's Hungry

When all else fails...just give your fingers a try:

Day at the Park

It is a beautiful day on Otto's first full day home, so we headed out to Sawyer point... Otto slept the whole time while Greta played... I think that's going to be pretty much standard for at least the next month or so.. 

Greta and Otto

Greta has been her usual self so far in the first 24 hours being home with Otto.  That's a big relief... not to say that this will be the case next month, or even tomorrow for that matter, but so far she's just been playing and doing her thing... with an occassional stop by wherever Otto is to say hi or give him a kiss.. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Break out the Bob

We got a fantastic double jogging stoller a couple months ago (they were on sale)... it got it's trial run with Greta and Ella... and it was such a beautiful day that we decided to give it a whirl on Otto's first day home.  Melanie could only join us for about a block, which is a lot considering she just had major abdominal surgery 4 days later... then Greta, Otto and I went for a walk around the block... 

Rocking out the Bob... 
Greta has a new toy to entertain her on walks... 

Here is some live action footage:

Time to Go Home

He's all dressed up and ready to go home... and so are mama and papa.  

Ready to hit the road.  

Finally home... ready for a new adventure.. Where is that big sister?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrity Otto

Otto had lots and lots of guests...he's starting to get a star attitude:

Here are all the visitors on Sunday (not to mention the grandparents and Greta came down again)

More Visitors

Otto had one final set of visitors on Saturday night... Brad and Brigitte came by... it was great to see them, although unfortunately Christ Hospital wouldn't let Gabby come back, so they had to take turns coming back to see us... big bummer, because we would have loved to see Gabby and Otto together.  

But I definitely appreciated the Skyline Chili they brought... sad times for Melanie that she couldn't partake... but I'm sure there will be some Skyline in the future for Melanie..

Sunday is a full day... Otto will get another visit from his big sis.  And then we've got a bunch of others on the slate... luckily he slept pretty well last night and most of this morning to get ready!  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Greta visits little brother Otto

Greta got to visit her little brother for the first time.  I'd call it a success.  I don't think she yet fully understands that Otto is her little brother.  I also don't think she fully gets that having a little brother means Otto will be coming home with us.  So, the visit with Otto at our house should be equally interesting... but she got to read some books with Mama and Papa, she got to touch Otto's nose, ears and toes... but mostly she just ran around this new 'place' and thought that was pretty cool.  

Otto Gets Visits from the Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa Tumblison visited on Friday night.  


On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Hansbauer came by... 

Meg and "Gigi" Visit Otto

Meg and Janet (AKA Gigi, according to Greta) came on Saturday to say hey to the little guy.. 

Baby Greta v. Baby Otto

Do they look alike or not?  What do you think?