Thursday, August 18, 2011

sliding back home

we're back from vacation in michigan. we had a blast and will post more pics from our trip soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

totter otterville

went to totter otterville this week with holly, owen, and caroline. the kids had a great time! otto spent about half his time in the ball pit, just pretending he was a baseball player and throwing ball after ball. greta enjoyed the dance area, where she was able to put on a tutu and follow along to a ballet instructor video. now that i think about it, it's funny that i paid for them to come and do these things....this is what they do at home!
here are the kids in the dressup area. i particularly like otto's purse.


we had been talking of camping for a while. not that we are wilderness folks, but we definitely did a ton more camping before we had kids. and needless to say, our two person tent wasn't going to cut it anymore. so the kids got joe a 6 person tent for father's day....he upgraded to an 8 person tent and off we went.
we decided to do a trial run at a place closer to home before venturing out somewhere. we headed up to hueston woods for our first (of many, hopefully) camping trips. it was so much fun. we hiked, we swam and played at the lake, we roasted hot dogs and made smores. the kids were dirty and sweaty and loving every minute of it. well, mostly. selma, it turns out, does not really prefer sleeping in a tent. she had a hard time, which made for a pretty sleepless night for joe and me. but greta and otto slept like champs. will we do it again? definitely. will we wait til selma's a bit older? possibly.
all in all, it was a great time. every time we take on a new adventure, i realize how flexible and resilient our kids are. and how fun. they threw rocks in the creek, stepped around goose poop at the beach, cooked their own hot dogs, and got dirt under every finger and toenail. it was nice to step away from regular life for a bit and just enjoy each other.