Monday, January 17, 2011

otto loves his sister

sibling love in this video. i particularly love the face caress. :)

florence, ya'll!

greta had the day off school today for MLK day, so we decided to head to the florence mall to play at their playland. and get an auntie anne's pretzel. we've been to this playland before. and while it's fun, it was pretty run-down and not kept very clean. but i weighed all our options for the day and decided this was the best one. it was the only one that included a pretzel.
but boy were we surprised when we saw that the playland had been re-done!! all new equipment, new carpets, new benches, etc etc! it's great! most of the things to climb on or slide on are northern kentucky related (see florence water tower/slide for evidence). the kids had a blast. greta loved climbing up on all the things, and otto found the oldest boy and girl in the place and got involved in their game of chase. i didn't get any good pictures because both kids were moving so fast that they were a blur in almost all the photos.
and the pretzel was delicious.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

refining her skills

greta has been writing her name more. here is her latest version.....

tv free

our kids have never watched much tv. partially because joe and i can't really stomach it.
but after giving up cable more than a month ago, we're finding that we're all watching less television. but a few nights ago, we turned on a episode of yo gabba show the kids love and we like too. here they are, zoning out.

super kids

otto and greta got these capes at gavin's 3rd birthday party (thanks gillards!). here they are, saving the world.

who me?

like being caught with your hand in the cookie jar.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011


boxes are fun to color on. and even more fun to hide underneath!


we had our friends the nawroths over for dinner tonight. we provided dinner and they brought dessert. and between us, we chose probably some of the messiest foods possible for 2 three year olds, a one and a half year old, and an almost one year old to eat. we're talkin' chili spaghetti with cornbread muffins and chocolate cupcakes. what a mess! but what a fun time we had hanging out with our friends!

Friday, January 7, 2011

4d ultrasound

we went to my doctor's office for a 4d ultrasound for baby #3. you might remember that we did this with greta and with otto, so we were really looking forward to seeing what this baby might look like. we actually went last week as well, but the baby had her arms and hands in front of her face and WOULD NOT move them. the ultrasound tech was calling her, "shy".....let's hope for shy instead of uncooperative.
anyway, we went back again this week and got some decent pictures of her. these ultrasounds are truly amazing. at the beginning of the ultrasound, the baby was opening and closing her mouth, which was neat to watch. and the picture of her legs and feet is pretty neat....i like how she has her ankles crossed.
it's hard to tell who she looks like, but it will be neat when we get to see her in real life (only 7 more weeks!).

Saturday, January 1, 2011