Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cassie's Talk with Greta

Cassie makes sure that Greta knows what the rules are about pooping... no poop in the pants, and no poop or pee in the bathtub.

Cassie then gives Greta a little love... Not sure Greta was too excited about it yet...

Holiday's Downtown Cincinnati

Well... I am pretty sure that Greta is going to be a lot more excited about a trip like this next year, but we went downtown on Saturday morning anyway. For those that haven't been downtown for the Holiday's you really should make it out... there is a ton of stuff to do for kids.... (Santa's Station Crafts, Dancing Bears, Ice Skating Rink, Free Horse and Carriage Rides, Train Display and lots more...including every saturday night they have fireworks, and Santa Clause repels into Fountain Square)...

Anyway, this year Greta just sat in her car carrier and slept the whole time, but we walked around a while. And I took some pictures to prove she was there...

Fountain Square---her first picture with 'the lady' on Fountain Square:

Here is the fountain in the background, and a piece of the giant Christmas Tree in the foreground..

First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a fun filled, full day for Greta. We had intended on starting the day at Fall Feast, which would have been Greta's first Give Back event. However, we had some difficulty with Greta's schedule... she had a bit of a whacky morning.

But it did start off with Greta getting her first bottle, still breast milk, but hopefully we'll be able to get into a schedule that will allow Melanie to have a bit more freedom in terms of being away from Greta for more than 2 hours.

We also got Greta in one of her 'first onsies', this one made by Tierney ....

We then headed out for both our parents for Thanksgiving dinner... we ate at my mom's, and then went on up to Melanie's mom's. I love Thanksgiving, it's far and away my favorite holiday. It's when you get all the family together, and there is no pressure for gifts (like at Christmas and Birthdays). It's just about family...

We'll finish off with a picture of Cassie... all Greta's cousins find Greta interesting, but it's definitely Cassie who has the most interest... she likes being around her, and holding her... she really wants Greta to come over so she can dress her up in her doll clothes...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Baby - Last One for a Little While

Scott and Stacy welcomed Gavin Miles on Saturday AM. We went up Sunday morning to see Mr. Gavin and the proud parents...

Here's a pic of the proud papa's... in case you can't tell.. Gavin's on the left in my arms.

We've scheduled a baby get together for Dec. 15th, we could have as many as 5 or 6 babies there all under 3 months old. There's also a Bengals game that night, so along with the babies, I'll probably be crying too.

Baby Bath Time

Greta loves her bath time. The first few times she mistook the bath tub for a toilet, but she's chilled on that a bit (or we've just gotten lucky, not sure yet). But she really does enjoy sitting in her bathtub and just chilling... it's a nice way to calm her down.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

One-Month Pictures

So we took Greta on Monday to get her one-month pictures at JC Penny. They did a pretty good job.. it's another week or so until we get the pictures back, but I'm sure they will be good.

However, I am pretty sure the experience was Greta's most traumatic as a baby so far. Way worse than the doctor (even the visit this week where she got a shot). She was pretty content just laying there asleep getting her picture taken, then the photographer decided we should 'wake her up'... it was murder after that. She just wailed... all in all the pictures were still pretty cute though, which is a testament to just how beautiful she is! We'll have pictures to show soon...

Getting Bigger

The last few days Greta has started staying awake quite a bit more. In fact she went 2 or 3 feedings yesterday morning without a nap in between. I think she's starting to getting to the stage that she'll be a bit more active... still going to have a couple more months before she really 'plays', but just being awake is a big step...

Here's some new photos of the new 'awake' Greta:


So our baptism is all set... we went to our 'orientation' on Wednesday, and i wouldn't call it a complete waste of time, but pretty close... It just wasn't a lot of information for an hour and a half.

But the good news is that we're all set for Sun. Dec. 16th for Greta's baptism. The only real question left to confirm is immersion or pouring on the head. Our church gives you the option and actually prefers the immersion method where the baby is dunked into the water. Not sure what we'll do yet, as Greta hasn't mastered 'taking a bath' without going poop, so that could be trouble if we go that route...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big Saturday

Greta had a big day yesterady... started with a trip up to my sister's house for our niece Ellie's first b-day party. It's amazing with all the excitement and running around with her four cousins, she doesn't even blink. She literally slept almost the entire time she was there.

After the part, it was off to 'Baby-palooza 2007'. Brent and Janet hosted a group of us over at their house for the first (of many) baby get togethers. I am sure as we continue to add new arrivals to the group, this will become a common occurence. It was great to see everyone, and fun for the babies to get together...

Here are some pictures of Greta, Ella and Jackson... as well as the parents:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My New Friend

Hey All... it's Greta again.. I know, it's been a long time since I've posted here. I've been pretty busy: eating, sleeping, pooping.... and entertaining visitors.

But I got so excited today with our visitor's I just had to post. I mean, it's not the first time I got to meet Ella, but the last time was in a hallway of a doctor's office, and I was half naked... so I didn't really get to enjoy it.

This time though Ella's mom and dad came over and brought my parents dinner... and we got to hang out for a while... it was great. Ella's mom held me for a while, and I thought that was fun, she's pretty easy to get along with, a lot like my mom.

But the real fun part was getting to see Ella again. She's pretty awesome, I wish she could have stayed a little longer, so that we could have played, but I know how it is... Ella was ready to go home and eat, and I know how I get when I'm hungry, so I can't blame her. I was pretty grumpy for a while after they left though...

Check out the pictures from the visit:

Ella with my mom... i guess it's okay for them to hang out, but I don't want mom getting used to loving on babies other than me!

Ella's mom holding me... she's pretty good at it, she must have a lot of practice holding babies!

Here's a pic of me and Ella... oh yeah, Ella's mom and dad too!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

How was your Sunday afternoon? This is how Greta and I felt after the game:

The cousins tried to help, but all she could do is sleep... that's what she does when she's depressed...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Those Googly Eyes

So my favorite little girl is spending just a bit more time awake, and so we've been able to start snapping some pictures with her eyes open...

Just Lounging Around....

That Smiley Baby...

My beautiful little girl...


I am pretty sure it'll be a couple more years until Greta really enjoys Halloween, but she spent the evening helping us pass out candy... and the neighbors two doors down stopped by to meet her as well. They went in this morning at 5 AM to Good Sam to be induced, so pretty soon Greta will have a playmate just a couple doors away...

We tried to keep her out of the candy, but she couldn't be stopped:

Remember that shower that Meg and Megan threw that people decorated the onsie's? Well it was time for another 'first' onsie, this one for Halloween and made by the ever creative Stacy:

More Visitors

Greta did some more entertaining this evening. Sarah and Beth dropped by to pay her a visit and to bring us some great food.