Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Bad Hair Day...

Why does this keep happening to me, she says.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Did I Mention - Greta Loves Church

So... trip #5 for Greta to St. Monica's and she finally opened her eyes...if only for the last 5 minutes of mass... and it didn't take her long to join right in. As soon as she awoke she heard Fr. Tom say that we were going to offer up a blessing for the 'singles/unmarried' in our congregation. And asked everyone to hold an arm to say a prayer... and here is what Greta did:

In the first picture you can see everyone arm extended in church. 2nd one is a bit more close up.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We went to see my niece, Hannah (5) and nephew, Jacob (7) play basketball on Saturday. It's pretty darn funny.... there is certainly some kids that obviously play quite a bit of basketball and really 'get' it. But most of them are mostly just running around.

It was really, really entertaining. Check out the video below... Jacob is #24 in the dark jersey. See how his oppoenent is VERY intent on guarding him... to the point that when the ball comes there way he doesn't realize it and it hits him in the head.

I somehow didn't get any pictures of Hannah on the camera. Maybe next time... Buthere is Greta, watching Jacob play very intently.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Recipe for Disaster

Recipe: What do you get when you take one part 3 month old baby girl, add in bit of infant startle reflex, a slice of not wanting to be in a swaddle blanket and top it off with a case of early teething?

Well, you get a little Greta that fights going to sleep, wakes up when you put her down unswaddled, battles the blanket when you wrap her up, and if you happen to make your way through all that, wakes up wailing with sore gums... let's just say the non-crying Greta that went to sleep at 9 PM, and woke up at 5 AM for a short feed and then slept until 8 AM, well, that Greta is on vacation for a little while, and mom and dad are getting just a bit less sleep....

Hopefully she's returns from her migration down south when the weather gets warmer!

Adventures in Cyberspace

Pretty sure I haven't posted about this earlier... Greta has been joined in blogosphere by her friend Gavin, and cousins Roman and Shamus.

Yeah for New Toys

Greta and Mom went to Blue Manatee today.. they were there checking out a weekly 'free' music class. Similar to the MusikGarten I wrote about earlier... I put 'free' in quotes, because I'm sure there's no baby/mom combo that walked in that store for the class and walked out without buying anything (smoothie being Melanie's choice)... On the way home from class there was also a pitstop at Target, where Greta got this cool new toy for her bumbo (and a teething toy... more on that in another post).

Just check out her eyes... she's definitely AMAZED at this new way to pass time in her bumbo.

Not Only Big, but Strong too

See this rattle and this ring? This USED to be attached to Greta's play pen.... but she yanked it right off the chain.... no one was looking so not really sure how it happened, but she's in the pick saying, Look What I've got...

Dang I'm Big

Seems like just the other day Greta wasn't big enough for her she towers over it, and holds her head like a champ. Time flies as they say....

What Happens When You Eat Too Much?

You overflow! Can't believe I haven't posted anything in 9 days.. guess that's what happens when it's 10 degrees out :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So... while in Chicago last summer, we saw some information about a program in Chicago called the Old Town School of Folk Music. It's actually something I had previously heard of as some of the musicians that I enjoy do benefits for it, like Alejandro Escovedo. And you'll notice below that some of Greta's favorite songs of the year are from a CD from OTS of Folk Music. They are celebrating their 50th year in Chicago this year.

So it was pretty cool to see a program somewhat similar in nature hear in Cincinnati. It is maybe not quite as cool, but the concept is the same. It introduces infants to music and dance and then they have programs as your child grows to continue that growth in music. The program is built off a national program based in North Carolina called MusikGarten. In Cincinnati there is a program in Clifton called Miss Amanda's Music. Melanie went to an open house today, and she's looking at perhaps starting there at the end of January.

When Parents and Grandparents are too much to handle

Greta likes to go to her quiet place.....

First "Play Date"

Melanie and some of the other moms had their first play date on Thursday. They all went over to hang out and (I would venture to guess) talk about babies all day. I'm sure that play dates will get much more active when at least some of the babies are mobile.

Short on pictures, but here's one of Greta, Ella and Ella's Mom - Janet:

Greta Loves Church

Well, I hope I don't jinx it, but Greta loves going to church... well, she loves it if love means laying their completely silent and asleep... here's a glimpse of the meaning of peace at Church for Greta... I think she's really deep in prayer

Friday, January 4, 2008

a letter to greta

to our baby greta....
you are twelve weeks today and i am completely consumed with love for you. it happened in an arrived on the scene with your shock of dark hair, crying before we could even see your entire face. in the hospital you slept and we marveled at our peaceful, calm baby. you are still that peaceful, calm baby, but you have come ALIVE.
so what have you learned to do in twelve weeks? you follow things around with your eyes. you have started to notice your hands and have taken to sucking on them constantly. you can hold your head up when you are on your belly, although being on your belly is often a short occasion, as you are reduced to a crying, upset mess when tummy time begins. when you lay on your back, you strain your head and chest to try to sit up. in fact, being held in a sitting position seems to be what you enjoy most. that and being carried around so that you can look at everything. your head darts back and forth, trying to look at everything you possibly can. you love to look at yourself in mirrors, the records papa painted for you, your mobile we hung for you, although you don't look at any one thing for too long. you also love being held so that you can stand. pretty much you love being held. you are a snuggly bunny and like to bury your head into momma or papa's chest and sleep face first. at night you still have to be swaddled, which you fight at first but then you sleep for good solid stretches of time. you coo and talk and imitate sounds we make to you. you smile SO easily and you laugh this breathy laugh that is hilarious. your arms and legs are constantly in motion, making us wonder when you might suddenly roll over. you have also begun to move yourself around a bit...i don't know quite how you do it, but you are always in a different spot in your crib than when i put you down. car rides seem to make you mad lately, but luckily you have your birdie friend hanging from your carseat to keep you company. that's the red birdie toy that momma bought you after you were the only kid in baptism class without a toy on their carseat. you were so grateful for the birdie friend that it was the first thing you smiled at. you like to look at books, especially your fluffy chick book and the ones with pictures of real people. you like when your papa dances with you or makes up funny songs in his worst italian accent. and your favorite place of all right now seems to be on the changing pad in the bathroom. you get all smiley and talkative whenever we lay you there. and you LOVE lay there with your hair slicked back and your arms out to the side like you're laying in a sauna and you smile.
so much has happened these past twelve weeks....most of all that we have fallen head over heels for you. you are our joy. when i think about my love for you i am reduced to a blubbering mess. your papa and i have dreamt of you for so long, and now that you are here we couldn't possibly wish for more. i can't wait to see what the next twelve weeks will bring....
love, your momma

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Greta's Best of 2007

So every year I create a 'best of' CD, and send it to friends. This year, Greta decided she also wanted to send a CD to all her new baby friends and created the CD below.... the image is the CD Cover, and the title is Greta's Picks - No Barney, Best of 2007.

Anyone that didn't get a copy of the kids CD that wants one, let me know... i actually think it's better than my CD this year :)

While some of the songs/artists are definitely kids CDs, most of the music is not specifically made for kids, but it goes to show that you don't have to listen to Barney and The Wiggles. You can have something that's enjoyable to listen to and fun for the kids too. It'll be a few more years before Greta is actually picking out her own music for the CD, but I'm hoping that being exposed to things other than Barney she'll have a wide pallet of music that she enjoys... I guess we'll see...

1. Daughter – Loudon Wainwright
2. Animal Crackers – Wee Hairy Beasties
3. One Legged Man and a Three Legged Dog – David Dondero
4. Are You Sleeping – Old Town School of Folk Music
5. Click, Click, Click, Click – Bishop Allen
6. Ah Bos Cee Doh – Johnny Cash
7. Reflection of the Sun – The Sheds
8. Wait for Love – Josh Ritter
9. Pretty Girl From San Diego – The Avett Brothers
10. A Newt Called Tiny – Wee Hairy Beasties
11. Cartoon Music For Superheros – Albert Hammond, Jr.
12. If All of the Raindrops – Old Town School of Folk Music
13. Want On Nothing – Hoots and Hellmouth
14. Food in the Belly – Xavier Rudd
15. Nasty Dan – Johnny Cash
16. Like Castanets – Bishop Allen
17. Sad & Dream (Big 1-0) – Alejandro Escovedo
18. What Light - Wilco
19. Red Rabbits – The Shins
20. Cuttlefish Bone – Wee Hairy Beasties
21. Pearls on a String – Ryan Adams
22. Baby On My Arm – The Broken West

Hi-Tech Baby

Greta is really starting to get addicted to high tech gadgets. She's always sneaking in calls to her new friends.

Greta Takes Notice

Greta has been taking notice of her surroundings more and more. And recently this has included other babies.

This is Greta taking notice of Maya and Robert...

Greta and Robert

Julianne, Jason and Robert came over last week to spend the day. It was great to see them all, and especially fun to meet Robert.

Greta and Robert meeting, and then Greta playing the bully..

Robert getting fresh with Greta...

Christmas Morning

Christmas will be much different next year, with Greta up and about... but this year Christmas Day was very nice. Things were slow, and we just had a quiet day at home.

Greta playing with her new toys...