Friday, July 22, 2011

puddle jumping

nothing better than jumping in the puddles with your rainboots on. the kids had such fun, and i loved watching them.....

take it away!

it's a running theme around here, but our kids are definitely a little obsessed with baseball. otto especially. they study their baseball cards, they turn any toy into a bat and ball and run the bases, and they love singing "take me out to the ballgame" and "God bless america." here is the latest rendition. the video is a little long. notice how otto totally hams it up for his audience.

listen here selma!


selma has recently joined us around the table in her new highchair! she's not eating food yet (6 months), but she likes to sit and play with toys and drool over our food and laugh at greta and otto. what a big girl!

super greta

even superheroes like to read. while sitting in the bumbo seat.

dog days

this week has been super duper hot. so hot that many of the days i felt like we should just stay inside and play instead of venturing out. monday was hot, but it rained early and then was overcast for most of the morning. when selma went down for her morning nap, greta and otto and i headed out back. they played and played and played. first the water table, then the pool, and they watered the garden. it was a great morning outside!

snap crackle pop!

otto is a pretty good eater, but he's not usually very hungry for breakfast (unlike greta). he also prefers cereal that gets mushy pretty fast in milk. his favorite? rice krispies. but what a mess! he's good with a spoon, but he likes to use his opposite hand to make sure all the food makes it into his mouth...which actually makes more of a mess. good thing he's cute!

bronson arroyo

a few weeks ago, our whole family plus ellie, jacob,and grandpa hansbauer, headed down to the ballpark for yet another reds game. on this particular day, the giveaway for kids was "bronson arroyo plush doll". we had been telling the kids about this doll, and they were super excited. they like to call it by its full name, such as, "have you seen my bronson arroyo plush doll?" ellie didn't want hers, so we actually ended up with three. and poor bronson(s). within a few minutes of being home, all three of them were stripping naked. they've sat in the bumbo seat, been fed raisins in the car, and most recently i caught greta breastfeeding one of them. hilarious.

thumbsucking buddies