Sunday, October 28, 2007

Call the Shrink - Baby Straight Jacket

This little item has been awesome for us... The 'Kid-o-Potamous' is what it's called, but really it's a little baby straight jacket. Sounds cruel, but she loves it...the little device wraps around and velcros her in place. Without it she has a tough time keeping her arms/legs under control... with the baby straight jacket she is much more calm and can fall to sleep better....

Lunch Time Stroll

Friday we went for a walk... It was Greta's choice and she likes to support local businesses so we went to the newly opened Steamboat Bagels on Monmouth St... she didn't eat, but she's looking forward to having a bagel about a year from now.

What's In A Foot

A foot... a pretty simple thing. Not exactly the body part you usually put on display. More function than feature, a foot is just a foot. But I think that is what shows you exactly how special new babies are. Even their feet are on display.

From head to toe, she's just too cute...

More Visits

My Aunt Joy and Uncle Jim (Greta's Great Aunt/Uncle) visited on Tuesday..... she was as excited to see them as she has been with everyone else... aka - she slept most of the time...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fat and Happy

Went to our second trip to the doctor today. It was a little over a week ago that we went to the doctor and got some good news... Greta left the hospital at just under 7 lbs, and several days later she was 7 lb 3.5 oz. That good news has continued... in the last 8 days she's added almost 10 more oz and is now just under 7 lbs 13oz, which is 3 oz over her birthweight...

So she's fat, healthy and happy... she was in the 25 percentile for weight at her first visit and now she is at 35%. We also got the good news that now that she is putting on weight we don't need to wake her (during the day or over night) for feedings... we can wait for her to tell us she's hungry... also very good news!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greta Video

Scott and Stacy brought along the camcorder when they visited last weekend, and they sent us this short little video of Greta... it's a pretty good representation of what Greta's life is like so far :)

I guess it's her youtube debut... if you don't count the shots of Melanie's belly :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Game Day

So yesterday was gameday for the Bengals. So Greta got on her gear...

And then she headed on out to her First Tailgate for about 30 minutes...

And what was the result? A Bengals Victory!!!

Weekend Home Visitors

This weekend was pretty busy for Greta... she got visits from Scott, Stacy, Brad, Brigitte, Melanie's family, Mark and Melody.

It was great to have some folks to hang out with, since it'll be a little while before we start getting out of the house on any kind of regular basis.

And a little time with the parents too:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Baby Look-a-like

So.... the baby in the picture from yesterday was me... I think she has similar face, except for the eyes... I had dark hair when I was born and it turned red, and then blonde... will be interesting to see if Greta has the same!

More Firsts

I figure this will be true for a while, as pretty much everything is new for little Greta... but today were a couple more firsts...

This afternoon we broke out the stroller and went for a walk. Not a very long walk, as Melanie can only go so far still with the surgery... It was good fun... not sure that Greta actually knows she went on a walk though...

We also gave Greta her first bath at home... I wouldn't say she loved it, but she didn't really hate it either...

More Babies!

Our friends Julianne and Jason had their baby on Oct. 18th... Robert Louis (sp?) Guist...

And another baby arrived today, but since I don't know who all reads this blog, I'll wait to share that news for a couple days to make sure that someone doesn't learn other peoples good news on our blog :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Baby Girl

It's official... I'm in love with my baby girl. I mean, of course I already was and have been for a week now.

It's hard to even describe the feeling I get when I wake up in the morning and see her little face. Or even when she's gone with her mom to feed for 30 minutes and then returns. It's like a miracle all over again. She is just the sweetest and cutest little baby I could have ever hoped for.

It's amazing that she'll be a week old this afternoon, it feels like just yesterday she was born. It's definitely been a whirlwind, and I can't wait to see what the next week has in store. I can't wait to see the first time she has a REAL smile, the first time she can hold her head up on her own.... and all the other wonderful firsts!

Life is Good!

Baby Look-a-Likes?

You be the judge... do these two babies look alike? Check back tomorrow and I'll identify the baby on the left.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Doctor Visit and New Friend

So, we went to our first doctor's visit today, for a physical and to get Greta's mild jaundice checked out. It was a pretty uneventful visit. THings like pretty well in line and she put on 0.7 ounces... not a lot, but a step up from losing weight that she had been since being born. That was great news.

But even more fun is that we ran into Brent, Janet and Ella. Ella was in to get her tongue clipped, which sounds like no fun at all to me, but she seemed to be in pretty good spirits. Greta got to meet her new friend for the first time, and of course first time parents that we are, we had to get a picture of it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Onsies Galore

So at Melanie's shower a couple months back that Meg threw for her, they had a bunch of blank onsies, and everyone decorated one for Greta's 'Firsts'. Like First B-day, First Christmas, etc...

Well we got the opportunity to use our first First Onsie today. Jessica made us a 'First Day Home Onsie', and here is Greta giving it it's day in the sun:

First Day Home

We finally came home after 3.5 days at the hospital.. we ended up staying an extra night, which was actually nice... I think as a first time parent being able to spend a little extra time there to get questions answered is reassuring....

But it was definitely nice heading home... here are some pictures:

Our family going home picture!

Isn't she so cute!

Not much bigger than the remote... though full disclosure, she does have her legs pulled up to her chest as she goes about 90% of the time!

Cousin Invasion

Greta got her first glimpse last night at life with the Cousins. My sister Tina and her four kids (Jacob, Hannah, Cassie and Ellie) came down last night to visit. Greta was thoroughly unaffected by the festivities, but I am guessing that will change in a few months when she's more aware of her surroundings.

The kids got a kick out of seeing Greta, and I'm sure they'll make great playmates in the years to come...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm a Super Star

Don't believe, check me out....

Stil don't believe me? Look how everyone lined up to come see me:

Mommy is still my favorite though.....