Wednesday, September 28, 2011

we love lunch!


try the prunes!!


for some reason, selma is not too fond of grandpa. if he gets too close, or God forbid try to hold her, immediately her bottom lip goes out, her arms go out to the sides of her face and she is reduced to a crying mess.
but last saturday was gramps' birthday. and i think selma gave him the best gift of all.


obligatory baby bathtime photo.
selma would not take her eyes off of the toys to look at the camera, for fear of not being able to gnaw on them like a crazed animal.

yo gabba gabba

yo gabba gabba has been a family favorite around here since before our kids were born. joe discovered this show and we realized that it was decent to watch....had good lessons, funny characters, and real rock music with bands we like. we sort of decided that if our kids HAD to watch tv, they should watch this show. luckily, they like it too.
we decided to take greta to see yo gabba gabba live when it came to cincinnati last week for an early birthday present. she was a little under the weather and the show was right at naptime, so she was a little less enthusiastic than i'd hoped she'd be. but we both loved the show. we sang along, we danced, and had a great time. the best part (we both agreed) was when biz markie (that's right!) came out and did some beat-boxing and then he had kids up on stage to try it out. and then his dj played some old school music (think early michael jackson) and it was a big dance party.

otto builds a zoo

twinkle toes

greta has been asking to take dance class for a while now. so a few weeks ago she started class at dance express in ft. thomas. we had to get all the gear....tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotard, etc etc. and she loves it! i was nervous for her for the first class, as we all know how greta is with things that are new and not our typical routine. but she did great! the parents got to stay in the room for the first class, so i think helped.
it's so cute to watch the class. to get them all to face forward, the teacher will say, "look and see how pretty you look!" and all the girls turn towards mirror and smile shyly at themselves. maybe i shouldn't like that part, but i do. and there's lots of turn taking and listening and all those skills that are just as important as the dancing.....

can you spot greta in the photos?
otto was enthralled when he got to go watch. something tells me we might have a little billy elliott someday soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

love to love to love ya

otto takes gymnastics

the latest session of gymnastics started, and this time otto was able to sign up. oh man, was he excited!! the first day, he walked into the gym, turned around to us and threw his arms up in the air and said, "YES!!" it was awesome. he is loving's funny to watch him and think back to greta starting gymnastics when she was two, and now she is almost four. not to compare, but they are truly such different children. otto does well following directions, but he also will just go and do whatever he wants (if it's time to jump on the trampoline and he wants to stay on the slide, he tries to just stay on the slide). little stinker.
greta started gymnastics again too and is doing well also. we had a few tears that first day, but she was so excited too. we are realizing that those initial tears are just her way of reacting to a change in routine. she is much like her mama in that she likes the familiar and the known, and needs a bit to adjust when something changes.
anyway, we love cincinnati gymnastics!! can't wait to sign selma up!

selma happenings

so our selma girl turned 6 months old. can you believe it? where has the time gone.

our girl can sit up now all on her own.

and she started eating solids. she's been practically diving out of our arms to try to grab at our food and drinks, so we thought she'd be pretty into eating. turns out, she'd rather just suck her thumb. surprise surprise. she's had rice cereal, green beans, and carrots.

and her bottom two front teeth are poking through. she is not a big fan of this. she has been extra crabby lately, even waking up in the night a few times. and she's constantly sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth, feeling those new teeth in her mouth. it's pretty funny.

oh selma. i go back and forth between thinking you are an easy, laidback baby to thinking you are so difficult that i might lose my mind. and i mean that in the nicest possible way. you love to be held. by your mama. all the time. and you really dislike evenings. hate them, some may say. you cry a lot from 5pm until we get your jammies on, and then you are all smiles because you know that eating and sleeping are soon to follow. but you are also very flexible with going with the flow, taking greta to and from school, running errands and all the things that 3rd babies have to do because that's just the way it goes. you love being able to watch greta and otto play. and they love talking to you and making you laugh. otto likes to touch your face and greta has perfected the art of talking baby talk to you. you like when we blow raspberries on your neck and face. you are very amused by peekaboo and you have started hiding your face behind your hands and then moving them away as if you're playing along.
your naps are hit or miss but you're an awesome nighttime sleeper. like your sister, you love laying on the changing mat in the bathroom. sometimes in the evenings when you're fussy we will stand there with you for a bit because it makes you happy. you like your baths now (finally) although you are still very puzzled when you splash yourself in the face with water. you love when we sing songs to you and cuddle you close. and your birthmark on your forehead has been the same shape and size for a few months now. i'm so curious as to what will happen with it. will it fade? i like to kiss it and rub my fingers over it. it's like this perfectly unique part of your face that makes you even more beautiful. we love you selma girl.