Friday, November 4, 2011


greta got a yoga mat and a yoga dvd for her birthday, and she tried it out today. well, she and otto tried it out. they both laid out mats, and then greta moved through the poses like an experienced yogi while otto sat on his mat with the boppy pillow, sucking his thumb and staring blankly at the screen.

child's pose, anyone?


i love halloween, but i have to say i don't love the candy. up until this year, our kids have been little enough to pretty much forget about candy or treats (for halloween, easter, christmas, etc) after a day or two. but not this year. not otto. he asks for candy pretty much first thing in the morning. i mean, look at his face in the picture. he was on a sugar high just thinking about all the candy.

took about a million pics of our trick or treaters this year. not sure this is the best one, but i wanted to get one on here. otto the monkey (remember greta the monkey), selma the ladybug and greta the princess. happy halloween!
the kids had a great time trick or treating and they loved passing out candy too! they sure took that job seriously!

carving pumpkins is always a big event around here. we waited til the last minute this year and ending up carving just before we went trick or treating. otto was big on supervising, as well as trying to grab the knives and permanent markers at every chance.


isn't she sweet?!