Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

pregnancy brain

i've heard it called many things. mommy brain, pregnancy brain, etc etc. it's when you have a case of extreme forgetfullness or absentmindedness, and can blame it pregnancy/baby. i've had this mildly before, but honestly i always sort of thought it was something someone conjured up in order to blame their mistakes on their unborn child. until today.

when i found a baking sheet full of potatoes from LAST WEEK'S DINNER in the oven.

i turned on the oven tonight to preheat it for dinner. strangely the house began to smell like potatoes. i thought this was odd, but it wasn't until i went to put the chicken in the oven that i discovered why. there they were.....potatoes from last week. that i had washed. cut up. seasoned. put in the oven. and cooked. and then left there, only to be discovered today.

sorry if that's gross. or if that gives away how infrequently we use our oven. i just can't stop cracking up about it. it was the strangest thing to open your oven getting ready to cook something and finding something ALREADY COOKED in there.

now wait a minute.....what did i do with that chicken??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the name game

greta has been really into learning and repeating people's names lately. she loves to "call" people on the phone using their names, and will recount stories of things that happened using names and letting us fill in the blanks. these videos are from a few weeks ago, but 'emily' is still her new favorite word. she learned it from seeing a picture on our fridge, and has committed it to memory. so much so in fact that when our neighbor emily stopped and said hi (different emily than in the picture), i said her name one time and now greta says, "emily" everytime we go past their house. i don't normally quiz greta like i am doing in the video, but i wanted to see if i could get her saying people's names on camera. i love the way she says stacy's name as a long "ssss" sound and the way that the first syllable of gavin's name has such huge emphasis.

she loves to watch videos of herself on the camera, so in the first video she is asking to see more of herself on the camera.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what a little lady

this is before she spilled a blueberry smoothie all down the front of her shirt....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

isn't this where i'm supposed to sit?

i'm strong to the finish....

....cuz i eat my spinach. (and love it).

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

this little irish lass wanted to wish everyone a happy st. paddy's day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

greta and jacob

here is a video joe took of greta watching her cousin jacob. you can see jacob being silly, running around the pool deck at joe's parents house. and even though you can't see greta's face, you can tell from her body (and her laughter) how hilarious she thought this was.

to our 17 month old memory box

so a week or so ago your papa and i decided to make list of all the words and phrases that you can say. and it's a long list. one that we keep adding to. you say so many words....and lately you also like to say people's names. like on monday, we were looking at a picture on the fridge and i pointed to emily and said her name. and all day monday and all day tuesday, you kept saying it. and saying it. i think it's your new favorite word. and the way you say it, it is pretty fun to say. all drawn out and slow, with emphasis on each syllable. you are able to identify her in the picture now, as well as yourself and ella (of course), jack and gavin. you also can say the names of your cousins (especially ellie and jacob) and stacy's name too. and my personal favorite is the way you say "gigi" for janet. and you say your own name now...both syllables instead of just "ta" like earlier.
i love the way you will say people's names to recall something we did with them. like after we went on a stroller ride with janet and ella and they gave you that hat. now you randomly point to the stroller and say "gigi" or "hat" and then i fill in the blanks while you nod your head and smile.
you know some of your colors too (WHAT??!!) have yellow and blue down and are pretty successful with red and green as well. lately you want to know what color anything and everything will point to something and then repeat the color over and over once we tell you what color it is. and randomly you will get other colors right...pulling purple pants out of your drawer and saying "purple".
you also like to "sing", and the way you sing the ABCs sounds remarkably like the opening to the song. you are able to say/sing parts to songs that clue us in to what you are singing. you have practically mastered wheels on the bus and are still doing movements to many songs, including the itsy bitsy spider, which neither your papa or i have every sung to you so we are not sure where you picked that up. the other day in the car i caught you doing ALL moves to "the more we get together" and then clapping for yourself before starting again.
speaking of starting again, repetition should be your middle name. you love to do things over and over again. you still like to build towers, and lately you like to take toys and move them a few at a time to a different room in the house and then back again. you also are back to preferring to read books on your own, and you will sit and gesture and point and babble as you "read" the books outloud. you think it's fun for us to count things while you gesture with your fingers as if you are counting too.
you have started swim lessons again and love being in the water. you are always loud and boisterous in the pool until the swim instructor comes over and then you stare at her silently with those big blue eyes of yours. but you are taking it all in.
you continue to like to help mommy with the laundry, but mostly because you like to try to put your clothes on by yourself. and today you put three of mommy's headbands on (on your head and around your neck) and then kept running over to the mirror to admire your reflection.
i can't believe that soon you are going to be a big sister. but what a fantastic sister you will be. you are very interested in babies (especially baby will say her name, say "tickle tickle" because you tickled her toes and then you make a crying face because she cried a little bit when she came over). as excited as i am to have another baby, there is some sadness that you will no longer be our only child. we have had so much time to devote to you....hear your every word, sing every song with you, laugh at your every move. i know in my heart that all of us are so blessed to be adding to our family, and i know that your life will ultimately be enriched as well. but we have cherished these months with you, and just you, like no words can express.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

postcards from the edge

here is a really cool picture of my brother's postcard wall in iraq. don't you think it would be awesome if YOU had a postcard on this wall??!! well, what are you waiting for....

just send john a postcard at this address:

353rd Transportation Company
ATTN: SSG Buckley, John 5605
COB Q West Base Complex Iraq
APO AE 09351

and hey....if pete rose can send one (yes, he did!) you can too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Color splash

I got a new iPhone app that let's you easily make photos like this. With just a few swipes of your finger you have a striking photo. Pretty cool

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Friday, March 6, 2009


janet and ella came over today to play, and helped us break in our new double stroller. it was quite an ordeal figuring out how to fold it up and get it in and out of the house, especially with two curious toddlers. but the double stroller was pretty awesome, not TOO gigantic and the girls seemed to enjoy the ride. with the fantastic weather, we walked to the playground a few blocks away and played on the swings and slides. notice their matching bonnets that janet bought for cute!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nurse Greta

Future career or just some dress up? You decide. Either way it's funny

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